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SPA Services

HydroSurge Hydrotherapy Bath – always included

Gentle jetted nozzles massage warm water all over your pet's body from shoulders to toes providing the perfect release for muscle tension and anxieties.

Blueberry Facial – always included

This tearless, all natural blueberry scented face wash is gently applied during your pet’s facial massage. Their faces come out bright and clean. Regular application will clean off any tear stains (and also works great on the entire body, available for an additional charge).

De-Shed Treatment

A special shampoo and conditioner designed to loosen the unhealthy, shedding hair. Then a vigorous brush out with the furminator de-shedding tool and hand blow dry to expel unwanted hair. This treatment last up to 8 weeks.

Sweet Apricot Sulfer Scrub

A gentle, non-irritating and natural exfoliant stimulates and rejuvenates your pet’s dull, dry skin by unclogging pores and improving healthy skin circulation. Infused with Apricot oils, it leaves skin and coat healthy and shiny.

Conditioning Body Wrap

A deep, thick conditioner is massaged into your pet’s coat and skin, then they're wrapped with a warm towel, giving relief for seriously dry skin and coat.

Deodorizing Treatment

This deodorizing shampoo and spray eliminates unpleasant odors. The citrus mint shampoo and deodorizing spray will not damage the skin or coat or strip away essential oils. Takes care of a stinky situation!

Barks Pawdicure

Toenail trim,grind, ear cleaning/and or plucking, with a spritz of cologne.

Ultimate Tidy

Face trim, paw trim, nail trim, ear cleaning/and or plucking, sanitary trim, and light fluff.


Spa Packages and Extras

Here’s the good stuff. Luxurious spa services for your companion.

Deluxe Spa Package

Hydrotherapy Bath, Shampoo Upgrade, Conditioner, Teeth brushing and spritz of Cologne.

Ultimate Spa package

Includes Deluxe Spa Packages plus a Sweet Apricot Sulfer Scrub, and Nail Grinding.

Shampoo Upgrades (Free with Spa package)

Apple Oatmeal, Blueberry Whitening/Brightning, Lemon Grass Tea Tree odor removing.

Puppy Package Standard

Hydrotheraphy bath, brushout, nail trimming, and ear cleaning/plucking.

Puppy Trim Package

Includes the same option as the Standard Puppy Package, along with a light, face trim, paw trim, and sanitary trim.

à la carte

The Standard Grooming Package

  • Teeth Brushing
  • Flea Dip
  • Toe Nail Trim
  • Nail Dremol
  • Vigorous Brush out service

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